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Welcome to Partner-4-You, a unique and exciting friendship, dating and contact finder available only inside Second Life.

Thanks to member suggestions Partner-4-You received a major upgrade on April 27th 2021, which made it much easier to use and greatly improved the P4Y HUD help system.

As of 28th April 2021, we now have 2666 members who have their P4Y HUD set to active.

If you need any help then visit our help center on P4Y Amat Center teleport

Partner-4-You can enable you to:
  • find a friend
  • find a date
  • let someone find you
  • and much much more

Traditionally finding a friend in Second Life was simple, just teleport to a club, dance hall or public place and chat with someone. Sadly not everyone in Second Life is nice and once someone knows your Second Life name then they can track or even harass you.

Now Partner-4-You makes finding a friend in Second Life much safer. With Partner-4-You you can be completely anonymous with your new contact until you both feel comfortable about exchanging Second Life names.

Partner-4-You email allows you to view your received text messages while logged out of Second Life - just set your hidden email address and your text messages will automatically be emailed to you.

Partner-4-You Privacy

The Partner-4-You HUD is totally safe self-contained and secure. Your Partner-4-You profile is all that anyone else sees.

All your Second Life details are kept hidden such as your name, photo, profile and key.

Only members who match your preferences can find your Partner-4-You profile.

If you do find a bad contact and they will not leave you alone then mute them and their messages will vanish. They don't know your Second Life details so you have your privacy again. Your Partner-4-You HUD handles all of this transparently.
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Partner-4-You Pricing

How much does Partner-4-You cost?

The HUD and registration are completely FREE. Registering comes with 50 L$ of credit so you can try it and see how easy it is to use.

How does Partner-4-You support itself?

Certain operations such as search, sending a text or a chat message cost 1 L$.
Other operations such as receiving a text or  chat message are FREE.

NOTE, In order to stay active to member search you must keep at least 1 L$ credit on your account.

Finding a Friend

Finding a friend is simple with Partner-4-You, just setup your profile and set your membership to Active.

Your profile just needs a few keywords plus some text describing yourself. If you are offering services then simply say what you have to offer. Once your  membership status is set to 'Active' then people will be able to find your member profile.

If you are going  on hoilday or don't want to receive messages then simply set your membership to Inactive and your profile won't appear in any search results.

You can also search for others by entering some search keywords and clicking the search button. Each search can return up to 5 member profiles so allowing you to read about them and view their picture. Once you find someone then send them a text message and await their  reply. Alternatively try sending them a chat message and see if they are online. You can interact with several members simultaneously and add members to your Contacts List.

If you aren't sure how Partner-4-You works then you could enrol your ALT as a member and practice with them.

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Dating Tips in Second life

Below are some links to websites on Dating and Romance in Second Life.

Sadly some of the links no longer work but as they were once wonderful sources of helpful information then perhaps a web search might still find relevant information.

3 Things You Must Not Do by Rosa Marlow

Second Life Dating by Shimrit Elisar (vanished!)

Seeking True Love in Second Life by Jenn Rubin (vanished!)

SL Encounter Rules of Engagement by Natalia Zelmanov (vanished!)

Destination Guide > Romance Linden Labs

A terrible real life internet romance > Movie Tallhotblonde 2009

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