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Partner-4-You in Second Life

Second Life is a free 3D virtual world where users can create their own avatar, socialize, connect and create their Second Life.

Partner-4-You had over 2900 members and we hope it will grow again very soon. Below you can find the locations of our center on Icewater and all our terminals.

Partner-4-You Locations

Visit our Partner-4-You locations in Second Life where you can find vendors and terminals that give free Partner-4-You HUDs and allow members to top up their credit.

You will also find Help signs, FAQs and other information about using the Partner-4-You service.

Partner-4-You:   Amat(247,231,4068)   teleport

Partner-4-You Terminals


Our Partner-4-You terminals give out free HUDs and allow members to top-up their credit.

These terminals are very secure and tell members their password so they can feel comfortable that they are paying L$ to a genuine Partner-4-You terminal.

If you would like to have a Partner-4-You terminal placed on your land with its own name then please login to our members area and fill out a request form.

Your named terminal will then appear in the list below.

Amat: (247,231,4068) teleport

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