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Partner-4-You can help you find friendship, romance, or meet new people.

Simply use our Partner-4-You HUD, fill in your details and let people find you.
You can also search for that perfect match.

Partner-4-You is very discreet and it does not disclose your SL name, key,  profile or photo.


Total privacy is guaranteed as your Second Life name, Profile, Photo and Key are never disclosed.
Our HUD lets you create your own private profile and change it whenever you want.
All messaging is carried our via our Database so full Second Life anonymity is guaranteed.
There are no long questionnaires to fill in, just as little as you need.


Just fill in your profile and once you have found a match then use your P4Y HUD to send them a text message or even chat anonymously online.
No need to log in to Second Life as copies of text messages can be sent to your chosen email address.


If someone harasses you then just add them to your mute list. Muted members cannot find you by search, nor can they send you text or chat messages.

Partner-4-You HUD

The Partner-4-You HUD is quite easy to use, just attach it and the HUD will automatically register you with our database. Next, fill in your details and become an active member of the Partner-4-You community. If you are going on holiday or need to deactivate your membership for a while then just turn your HUD to In-Active and no one will be able to search for you or send you messages.

Partner-4-You HUD

Macie using HUD

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