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Question How does Partner-4-You work?

The P4Y HUD allows you to interact with a Database outside of Second Life.
This Database contains details of members and the HUD allows you to
search for members with similar interests.
Members cannot see any information, profiles or pictures from an avatar's Second Life Profile.

You can take a free P4Y HUD from:

My HUD doesn't work, what should I do?

(A) If you cannot Register with our Database Server then try the following:-
       -- Reset your HUD using the 'Account' button and the 'RESET' menu option
      Ensure that your status is ACTIVE otherwise you cannot be found by search.
(B) If you still cannot use the HUD then
      (1) Select the HUD and Edit it.
      (2) From the "Tools" menu in your SL viewer select "Reset Scripts in Selection"
      (3) Detach your HUD then re-attach it.

 I need help or support, who should I contact?

Contact our support - sending a notecard is best as IMs can be capped.

Send to  Xiran Bellios
He is online everyday!

Question Can I be truly anonymous when dating or using your  HUD?

Answer Yes, because the HUD does not show member SL names, profiles,  photos or keys.
The only way to determine the SL name of the member you are interacting with is if they choose to tell you.
By default a member's nickname is taken from the first name of their SL user name, however,  the nickname can be changed to anything you like. To set your nickname simply touch the pink Preferences button and the Name option from the blue menu.

NOTE - The Partner-4-You HUD never reveals SL names and SL keys.

IMPORTANT - If your avatar uses just one name then your last name becomes Resident. In this case please don't use this single name as your nickname otherwise your Partner4You contacts will have a clue to your Second Life avatar's name..

Question How does the L$ credit system work?

Answer In order to be an active member your account must have at least 1 L$ credit.
When you receive a free HUD and register your account is credited with 50 L$.
You can purchase extra credit from Top-Up terminals/vendors in our shops.

Question How do I know when I have to buy more credit?

Answer Your HUD displays your current credit  on your right side and also when you
click your Account Status menu option.

Question I do not like my girlfriend/boyfriend  dating with your HUD - can you do something about it?

Answer No, we are sorry but we do not monitor member usage. Besides, the HUD has many uses including finding work, DJs etc.

Question How could I prevent another member sending me offensive messages?

Answer Add that member to your HUD Mute List and they will no longer be able to find you using search and their messages/chat will no longer reach you.

Question Do you keep track of member usage in a log?

Answer No, we do not log any individual member usage. We just keep global statistics to help the database and server run smoothly.

Question Is my information secure on your database?

Answer Yes, the database is secure, comms is encrypted and it can only be accessed from within SL.
Furthermore, a member can only access their own record.
Except for the DataBase Administrator, only you can access and change your data.
The server is standalone, does not run any other services and is in a secure facility.
For obvious reasons we cannot give its security details.

Question How does the Search system work?

Answer Members specify their interests using keywords with a maximum of 100 characters being available.
The smallest searchable word has 3 characters.
Members can optionally specify their own gender, and their desired gender. Both are set to None by default.
Members specify keywords to search with and will receive up to 5 member hits if the keywords and the genders match.
The members found are automatically downloaded to the HUD Search Results and show their nickname, profile and photo.
Note, it costs 1 L$ to submit a search.

Question How does the Messaging system work?

Answer You can send an introductory text message with a maximum of 250 characters to another member and it will be stored on our database server.
Your HUD automatically checks for new messages every 15 seconds and displays the number waiting for you on the server. You can also manually check for a new message via your HUD's 'Messages' button.
Note, it costs 1 L$ to send a message but costs nothing to receive one.

Question How does the Chat system work?

Answer You can send a chat message in real time with a maximum of 250 characters to another member's HUD.
If your Chat messages are turned on, then any chat messages will appear instantly in your chat window and the sender will be added to your chat list.
Note, it costs 1 L$ to send a chat message but costs nothing to receive one.

Question How does the Email system work?

Answer If you enter an email address then any text messages will be automatically sent to your email address as well as to your HUD.
Note, your email address is private and no members can see it.
Therefore you can check for messages without logging into SL.

Question I have suggestions on the features of your Dating Hud can you add it?

Answer Feature requests are always welcome and we will put them on our to-do list but we cannot promise when they will be implemented.

Question Can the "dating hud" be used for things other than to seek a partner?

Answer Yes, there are many uses for our Partner-4-You database HUD.
Perhaps you want to find a partner to play chess with, look for a DJ, a security guard or perhaps you want to find a job.

Question Why is your Database sometimes offline?

Answer Our service has to be 100% reliable and we have to ensure that  member data is never corrupted and messages are never lost.
Therefore at regular intervals we backup and optimise our database, and apply any improvements or fixes.

Question How will  you inform us about database maintenance?

Answer The HUD will tell you when our database server is due to be offline.
Normally messages are sent 30 minutes before, then at 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 minutes.
If our database server needs maintenance then the normal off time is 11:00 GMT and it will be offline for usually just a few minutes.
However, we do not switch the server off unless essential maintenance is required

Question Can I become an affiliate to sell your Partner-4-You HUD?

Answer No, we are sorry, but the names of all members are confidential and we need to keep track of sales and handle support.

Question  Do you have an SL group for dating, friendship etc ?

Answer Yes we have a group called "Partner 4 you members" which is open for all and free to join

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